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Today is the Teacher

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22/02/2019 a las 02:35:01
Today is the Teacher's Day, the school is on holiday, the classmates just gave up the class and talked about what kind of gift to the teacher. I rode the car and blindly wandered around the street. The sky seemed to be blown up by the hurricane for a whole night. There was no cloud in the clean, only the pure blue was completely left, and it was madly rendered on the top of the head. Like inadvertently, it overturned the ink bottle and smudged it. Silky blue. Standing on the edge of the bridge and looking at the long river of Zu Li, I remembered her.years ago, she was as pure as water. In this strange city, I guided me step by step. It was also three years ago that she saved me a little bit from the ranks of "bad children." I still remember three years ago, she said to me: "Aji, do everything to remember to give yourself a retreat, otherwise, you will regret it, I do not want you to regret, because I know you can not afford to lose." This is her, she was three years ago, and this turned out to be our last conversation.rname is white, famous rose, I will always remember that warm afternoon, we sat in front of the hall of the school "Jiande Building", the breeze blowing, like a naughty child, disturbing her hair, very soon, she Just use the ring finger to lie behind the ear, everything is so natural []Buy Ciggarettes Bulk[/url], plus warm sunshine and sly shine on her face, it is so beautiful, so charming.taught me English, but I always failed to pass the exam, but she never yelled at me or beat me []Marlboro Gold 100S Online With Free Shipping[/url]. Instead, she taught me a question. Many people know that I am a "campus mix", she also knows But she never gave up on me. She also knows that I like to eat jelly, like iced black tea and amethyst grapes, but I have never told anyone about it, even my father and mother don't know []Usa Newport Supplier[/url]. I am very grateful to her, so I began to study hard, and finally I got the top 100 in the whole class. Although it was at the end of the list, she laughed more happy than anyone else on the list. It didn't take long. My student��s grades were false. Later, our class teacher asked my parents. I clearly remember that my mother��s face came out of the office that day. When I got home, my mother��s hand was a slap. I didn��t say anything. I opened the door and ran. It was the biggest thunderstorm in June of that year. I clearly remember that it rained for two and a half hours. After I ran out of the house, she was calling her mother to explain when she was After hearing that I ran out of the house, she was looking force and hit me in my heart. It hurts and hurts, but no one knows. I finally got tired, tired and lying in the mud, letting the rain hit me unscrupulously. When she found me, I was already fainting in the wet playground. She was picking up and carrying me back to the hospital. I was lying in the horrible ward filled with 84 disinfectant water for two days. She also stayed on my bed for two days without dripping. How could my family advise and advise not to return to her? I remember that I woke up. Her first sentence was: "Aji, is it better? Where is it uncomfortable? Hungry is not hungry?" I shook my head and smiled at her. Just about to talk, she fainted, two days later, I She was discharged from the hospital, but she was lying in the hospital bed. When a nurse looked at me and was reluctant to leave, she told me: "Little sister, don't be sad, go back and tell your family, and hurry to prepare for the aftermath. Your sister can't live for a few days." "What?" I stopped. "Isn't she overworked? What are you talking about? What disease does she have? Tell me clearly!" I waved my fist and pushed the nurse to the corner. I just heard it and heard it. A fragile voice: "Aji is coming over, why?" I, like a controlled robot, let go of her hand and walked to her side. "Ji, please forgive my selfishness, I don't want to tell you, but I don't want you to worry about me. I have leukemia virus syndrome. So far, there is no cure in the world. I am from a distant place. Sichuan ran here to avoid my family, because I love them, I don't want them to bear the pain they should not have, you are the same, but I am so useless, let you first know." I stood there, my heart was like being frozen, an every day after school, because she told me that she hated the smell of disinfectant. Every time I went to see her, I pretended to be very relaxed. She always said to me guiltily: "Aji, Ilness, died in a car accident on the way. I remember that when she heard the news of her mother��s death []Wholesale Tobacco For Newports[/url], she cried for a long time, like a child who lost her beloved toy. No matter how much I comforted her, she was indifferent and said to herself: "The kingdom of heaven The owner gave me a scheduled ticket, but it didn't let me get on the plane. The person who didn't make a reservation sat in the first class. It's not fair, I hate myself." Then I cried in my arms again. Then, she said to me like a memory, she called the rose because her mother was full of roses in her garden when she was born, and the pieces were pure white. So she called Rose. That afternoon, we laughed together, we cried together, and finally we were silent and silent for a long time. Suddenly she said to me: "Aji, I want to be hospitalized, this may be convenient." I readily nodded and agreed, but I was stupid. I read the first half of the sentence, but I didn't understand that she was hospitalized just to trouble me. I donated my cornea to the hospital and only wanted to bury my land. The next day, just as I went to see her happily, the docg, but the tears did not stop for a minute, but I have not heard anything. On the third day, Rose��s brother came, she When I was buried, there was a drizzle in the sky. The day of September was a little bit cold. I stood in the rain and watched her bit by bit buried in the soil. The heart hurts like a needle. I resisted tears and looked at it []Carton Cigarettes For Sale Online[/url]. She and I have been separated from each other by yin and yang. I really want to take her out of the soil and shake her up and ask her: "Rose, you donated the cornea, how do you look at me later?" Then Rose's brother told me Said: "Aji, the rose loved the white rose before the birth, do you know? When my mother gave birth to her, the roses of our family were all blooming, come and spread the petals on her grave." I stood up and numb, and sang in her mind, her favorite song "Cape No.7" could not help but sing in tears.
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