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13/05/2019 a las 09:39:35
The name of a place may mean a lot, even a traditional culture that has been circulating for thousands of years. In a sense, we use poetry and prose to record pictures with visual impact and spiritual impact. The purpose is not only to reveal and display, but more importantly, to dig deep into the relationship between people and the environment. I want to use words to evoke people. The beauty of the depths of the soul reveals the beauty of the world. When humanity and nature form an organic system, the world is your world. This is the connotation of the text and the meaning of the record of life, and it is not only a record, but more importantly, it reflects the inner heart of you and the soul of a glimpse of it. In life and in the course of life, everyone is alive. The poet, but I am fortunate enough to record these in words, and compile a collection of poems such as Pu Yi poetry and Pu Yi Ci, and other literary works. This time we came to Enshi, Hubei, this is a poetic place. Enshi Prefecture may be the only prefecture-level city in China named after ��En�� []Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa[/url]. Enshi��s ��En�� originated from the reign of Emperor Yongzheng in seven years []Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons[/url], which is called Enshi, which means the name of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty. It��s just that Enshi has been a toast from the Yuan to the Qing for more than four hundred years. Perhaps the "en" of Emperor Yongzheng was applied to "toast" instead of the people, and the "toast" felt "en", so that this generation and the Qing Dynasty reached a certain delicate balance []Marlboro Red Extrea Shorts[/url]. The Chinese are paying attention to the "knowledge of the gracefulness". Perhaps the Emperor Yongzheng also wanted the local toast to ��know��, especially at the time of the ��Kangfu Shengshi�� period in which the Qing Dynasty flourished. The carvings of the ��Tusicheng�� wall that existed today also have a fight against the local toast. Every symbol of the dynasty's reward time left in the years is a history of sedimentation []Super Cheap Cigarette Free Shipping[/url]. On the stone tablet, some tricks of the Qing Dynasty were recorded, and the local toast was ruined. It can be seen that the so-called "national autonomy" of the Qing Dynasty (the system of the toast) was not "enze", not only the toast, but also the majority of civilians under the rule of the toast system. According to local people, the Republic of Enshi was renamed several times. Until the 16th year, the administrative center of Western Hubei was established. After the liberation of Enshi on November 6, 1949, the People's Government was established and the name of "Enshi" was used. Moreover, Enshi Prefecture was established in August 19, 1983. It is the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei Province. It has 29 ethnic groups including Tujia, Miao, Yi, Han, Hui, Mongolian, Yi, Naxi and Zhuang. "National autonomy and national integration. If the true meaning of Enshi's "en" is said, I think it is the liberation of the people and the autonomy of the nation, and let the people become the true masters of Enshi. This is "en". The people are "know" So I sang so many excellent folk songs, and these songs are so warm and cheerful, even the "Dragon Boat Tune" will become one of the world's 25 famous folk songs. It records the seasons and records the humanities. The years and times, the time and years of those recorded records will become the evidence for people to remember the past and imagine the future. We remember these and record these, not just the attitude of life, but the philosophy of life []Wholesale On Newports Cigarettes[/url]. In terms of this, it is also a kind of "en". People are grateful for the natural and human environment. Formally these let us discover the beauty of life and the true meaning of life.
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