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The father stood in

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22/02/2019 a las 02:34:53
The father stood in the light and smiled and watched me grow up. The price is that he is getting old every day.n time flies by the white horse and flies past me, I suddenly remember that I have passed through 16 spring, summer, autumn and winter in the ups and downs, and the time of 16 years has passed. In the time I have been remembered, I saw my father, he still smiles... Then, the past is played back in my mind like a silent movie. The picture is fixed in one []Newport 100 Online Coupons[/url]...cough..." I accidentally caught a cold when I came back from school on Saturday. It was originally intended to be a glimpse of the past, but a severe cough sold Hong, what's wrong?" The father who came in from the door reached out and touched my d, nothing... cough... cough is a small cold." I don't want my father to know that I have had a fever for a dayah! So hot, how can it be okay, take a quick look at body temperature." My father touched my hot forehead and the two eyebrows were screwed together []Newport Cigarettes Reviews[/url]. The eyes are full of blame and love. Then he took all the spare cold medicines from the house and took the instructions to me for medicine. Under the light, my father blinked and looked like a senior doctor. Looking at the colorful pills in his hands, I frowned. "Dad doesn't understand medical treatment." Can so many medicines be used at one time?" I complained in my heart. "Dad, the water is too hot, and the medicine is put here first. I will drink it later." "I pushed away the water and medicine that my father handed over. My father squinted, and his eyes darkened. He said after a while: "Remember to drink for a while." Then he turned and went out. The father under the light had a little camel. I rubbed my eyes and hid those pills.n't know when it was raining outside, and I burned more and more. "Cough...cough..." The more coughing, the more the father stood on the edge of the bed and screamed, and said in his mouth: "How does this medicine work?" "You are not a doctor!" I no longer look at the station. Father on the ground. "��" my father��s sigh of autumn wind makes my nose and hair sour. Tears fell involuntarily []Low Price Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url]. I can't remember how long I haven't talked to my father once. The days when our family was laughing around the TV with a vivid "imitation show" have already left me. The silence left between my father and me now is quarreling.oke up, the sky was already bright, I felt much more comfortable, raising my hand and watching the time suddenly found the pinhole on the back of my hand. At this time, my mother came in from the outside and saw that I woke up, and sat next to me, gently smoothing my messy hair. "Mom, dad?" I looked down at the pinhole on the back of my hand. "Going to the ground. Child, you burned too bad last night, your father braved the heavy rain and asked the doctor to come back to you to hang a needle... Hey!" The mother's words were meaningful, and my face burned up. The head is buried lower. I took the pills from last night under the pillow. Handed to the mother, the mother took it and shook her head out. When I saw the picture of my father��s deep foot in the night rain, I realized that my father��s love for me was so deep []Cheap Newports C[/url]. I was loved for 16 years []Marlboro Gold 100S Online With Free Shipping[/url], but I just noticed it, and I am more grateful. Hey.w old, but the love he gives me will never be less.
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