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So it wouldn't come at the expense of content

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05/04/2020 a las 08:13:40

So it wouldn't come at the expense of content, well first off teams don't have to be the ones reworking existing regions, any large scale rework would require a brand new team. And as I stated above, reverting to the older style is not likely to take place. Also as I stated above, the whole map should have been preserved over the years so that we would not have this problem in the first place.According for your own words, no new content should be added before all existing content is updated, so new staff or not, all of articles production must stop until the upgrade is finished.

Furthermore, they already have a company they outsource artwork content to to attempt to keep up with need, note that this does not correlate precisely with a graphic rework of regions as they lean with this other firm simply to assist them manage the load of introducing new content, let brand new content + updating the entire world map. Your complaining about a hard to repair issue, claiming it must have been maintained over the years when it's already blatantly obvious that was infeasible to begin with (runescape has not been at one consistent graphic degree because RSHD over a decade past, and arguably not since the launch of rs2.)

Allowing them to basically drop everything to graphically update massive areas that go mostly unexplored by the runescape playerbase, and that is not even touching on the fact that Jagex has STATED they want to shift focus to reworking and improving existing content when relevant, rather than introducing new content that makes old content redundant. This was a waste of time, although fun. Quality of updates aren't going down, runescape participant's have bitched about fresh content not meeting expectations for provided that runescape's been around, old graphics present doesn't imply new images should not, and updating everything is not as simple as"make a new group.Yeah, that's a good point. Certain activities should be locked behind a minimum death fee (e.g. 100k). By way of instance, this could allow for equipment that is sensible to kill energy gatherers. Another idea I'd involves utilising a timer for teleporting/logging out in the wilderness (like Darkscape). Teleporting should be allowed in any level of wilderness. To match with this teleblock ought to be added to stop the teleport is make them automobile retaliate, or to kill the opponent, or TB them. Magic requirement for TB should also be lowered to 25. Cursed energy must maintain its existing restrictions (TB function).

Just make cursed energy untradable, that is definitely the main reason why several robots move at the wildy anyway. Then runescape players can still use it for training and it should greatly reduce botting since they're mostly on f2p and the light energy they could convert it to is almost useless. They might also maintain the mechanic were cursed energy gets rid to make everybody in the crater by anyone. If people think that it's not enough danger like that, then they could add a mechanic similar to the bloodwood trees in which the energy that is cursed disappears when you proceed too far in the crater. Then if you collect energy for moneymaking or invention there you'd need to transmute it to never lose it. When they go that route then they can perhaps also give cursed energy a tiny stack limit to induce people to transmute it to tradable energies frequently.

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