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The history of tobacco truly entering human society is only a few hundred years, but it has deeply affected all aspects of human life, social, work, art and so on. As an economic crop, tobacco affects not only smokers, but also non-smokers (passive smokers, children, and some practitioners), causing great social problems. The surrealist painter Magritte has a very interesting painting: "This is not a pipe" (also known as "Image Rebellion"). There is a pipe in this picture, with a line written below: Ceci n’est pas une pipe (this is not a pipe). Unlike other surrealist paintings that are blurred and subconscious dream hallucinations, Magritte's paintings are all mediocre objects in reality, but these mediocre objects are beyond reality. What Magritte wants to tell you is that the depiction of something should not be limited to itself, but also to take into account its social and political nature. The development of cigarettes reflects the evolution of society, and the lighted fireworks illuminate and stir the whole society. Cigarettes are also a product of culture. Cigarettes are composed of tobacco, cigarette paper, and cigarette cases. Cigarettes or lighters are needed to light cigarettes. What is more worthy of attention are those men and women who eat cigarettes and are surrounded by smoke. Therefore, the pipe in Magritte's heart is by no means an inanimate object. (Magritte "This is not a pipe") The first group of Europeans who conquered the New World in the era of great navigation reached a unanimous conclusion: Indians generally have the habit of smoking. Columbus discovered an island during his first transoceanic voyage in 1492, named after his daughter Juana, which is now Cuba. In October of the same year, Columbus dispatched two sailors, Jerez and Dores to land on the island. The first time tobacco was discovered, the islanders loved this item. The local Taino Indians planted a plant called Cohiba in the local language []Cigarettes Online[/url], and the leaves were circled by the locals for smoking. The leaves were “very fat and soft like velvet”. When Columbus sailed for the second time, a Spanish missionary named Casas wrote a "History of the Indians" for the Indians at that time to eat what looked like firecrackers (the Indians called "Dabaco" Tabaca) ), has a very vivid description. The Europeans discovered tobacco and its uses, and spread tobacco back to the European continent. Later, the Portuguese navigator found that the Tupinamba people also smoked tobacco along the Brazilian coast, and also found a long pipe unique to the local area. European explorers also found that the fortune-teller would ignite a large amount of tobacco before the divination, and the smoke emitted by this plant would make them enter a state of excitement, which is considered by the locals to be "psychic. " With its ability to "communicate with gods" and strong addiction, tobacco quickly spread throughout the American continent []Newport Cigarettes[/url], and gradually evolved from the original sacrificial function into a common life culture. The Aztec and Mayan archaeological relics also show that the Native Americans believed that the dense smoke produced by burning tobacco leaves could communicate with the gods, so they invented the pipe as a ritual instrument, which is generally held by the priest. After European explorers brought tobacco back to Europe []Cheap Cigarettes[/url], the habit of smoking spread like a plague, and Spain became the first country in Europe to grow tobacco. The capitalists and the Spanish royal family soon discovered that tobacco would bring them huge profits, so tobacco accompanied the Spanish "Invincible Fleet" to various colonies in Spain. Tobacco later spread to Luzon Island and was officially introduced to the Daming Dynasty via Luzon Island in 1575. The spread of tobacco has not been smooth, and European religions are very disgusted with tobacco. Jerez, the first European who smoked tobacco we mentioned earlier, became the first victim of the anti-smoke wave. The investigation committee sentenced him to black magic. Jerez was sentenced to ten years in prison. Bishops such as Urban VIII, Innocent X, and Innocent XI in the religious world, and King James I of England in the political world, etc., have successively reaffirmed the anti-tobacco decree and decree, and strongly issued cigarette smoking. Of course, the anti-tobacco actions of the religious and political circles ended in failure. No one can stop the spread and development of cigarettes. With the advent of the industrial age, the whole world is immersed in the smog, coal has conquered the world, and tobacco has conquered the hearts of the people. Two iconic events mark the beginning of a new era. French writer Balzac called the following five substances "modern stimulants": tea, coffee, wine, sugar and tobacco. "The cigar has already conquered today's society. " "Smokers can be seen everywhere, and everyone has become a'chimney. '" Balzac said. Regarding cigarette addiction, Balzac put forward his opinion: "It can make a playboy leave a beloved woman without hesitation, and make a prisoner willing to serve. " Baudelaire, a pioneer of French symbolism poetry (I once recommended His "Evil Flower", "Melancholy of Paris" and "Aesthetic Treasure" and other works, please pay attention to look back) also said in "Artificial Paradise": "The aroused desire is so strong that it can be broken through The bondage releases the soul from the flesh, but not all substances can stimulate the inner ecstasy. Only the red wine, the inhaled tobacco and the cannabis can bring such a fanatical pleasure and leave the brain blank. Except Artists in the literary and painting circles and painting circles also began to draw portraits with the theme of smoking. Cigarettes are all the rage in the art world, and they are "loved" by artists. Plum wine, cigarettes in hand, lonely and melancholy.
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