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12/06/2019 a las 08:38:56
Athletes age just like the rest of us. Time catches up to them and in consequence they start to look more and more like regular people. Just like us [url=]Tony Pollard Jersey[/url] , they can battle this with healthy eating and staying fit. That way they can still make the impression of physical health, which captivated us when they were young. One thing is important though: they can, not must. After they retire, their bodies become once again "theirs". What I mean by that is that they are no longer contractually obligated to eat well, train and workout. They can finally have some free time and just chill, look back on their past with pride, sit on the couch and watch time pass by. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Standing away from the spotlight allows them to finally take a breather and be like us, regular folk. Hello Friday nights with wine and chips [url=]Noah Fant Jersey[/url] , bye bye to Saturday morning runs.For some athletes though, working out becomes routine. They get so used to taking care of their bodies that while they might not be so obsessed with staying fit, they find it hard to just sit on the couch and watch how their muscular frames turn bulky. For these athletes - if they aren't injured, hence their mobility is not limited - the grind never ends. They're still competitive, but just at the gym. They want to do more squats or bench press more than the next guy. And just like with the retired guys who like to stay on the couch, there's nothing wrong with that. One of the most exciting parts of the offseason for football fans is seeing what big name players are going to change teams. Some teams will go into the offseason having a ton of cap room and be desperate to sign players to big contracts and steal players away from other teams. Some players will be unhappy in their current situation and asked to be released or traded. Additionally, some players will be cap casualties.In other words, the salary cap makes it nearly impossible for teams to keep all of their star players and as a result [url=]Dalton Risner Jersey[/url] , we see major movement each off-season. For instance, last season we saw players such as Malik Jackson, Martellus Bennett, Josh Norman, and many other star players switch teams.The story will be not be any different this offseason. Whether it is free agency, trades, salary cap casualties, we will certainly see big name players changing teams. For example [url=]Drew Lock Jersey[/url] , one such team that may have to move on from some big names this year is the New York Jets. The Jets are already over the salary cap and free agency has not even started yet (classic Jets, right?). Meanwhile, we see other cap-strapped teams like the Cowboys re-structure players contracts and push off the problem for later seasons.Overall, this article will choose the top 15 players that could change teams this offseason. The players' new homes will be predicted, and the players will also be ranked from worst to best. If there are some major players not included on this list, the likely reason is I expect the player to stay with their current team. For example, I am expecting Melvin Ingram to stay with the Chargers.
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