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Odell Beckham Jr.: No regrets about ESPN interview

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17/01/2019 a las 07:35:59
Odell Beckham Jr. said Sunday night that he had no regrets about the explosive comments he made in his interview on ESPN with Josina Anderson. “I don’t regret anything [url=]Authentic Alec Ogletree Jersey[/url] , I don’t regret anything that I said. If it took that for us to come together as a team like we did today, I can take that every single time,” Beckham said. “I spoke to the team just to kind of relay the message that sometimes stuff comes off the wrong way. Words can be portrayed in any kind of light. The conversation is between us. But the way we responded as a team to what was said, I felt like it would’ve been too easy after what was said, and after what I said to them for us to come in here and have heart, energy and all that stuff. Grit, whatever the words you want to use for that. We had it today [url=]Authentic Nate Solder Jersey[/url] , and we came up short, but I’m proud of this team, and this is the team that we are going to be for the rest of the season. “Like I said, if it took that to get us going, I can take that. I’m trying to be a leader, I’m in a position I’ve never been in. I’m trying to grow, I’m learning on the way [url=]Youth Eli Manning Jersey[/url] , on the fly, but I’m proud of where we went today.”Here is some of what Beckham said in his interview with Anderson.Sitting next to L’il Wayne, Beckham had this to say about Eli Manning.He was asked, do you have an issue at quarterback?How about his coaches, including the current one who has gone out of his way to build a working relationship with Beckham?There was also this:Shurmur was apparently “absolutely livid” and made Beckham apologize to his teammates. Questions about Odell Beckham‘s ESPN interview were guaranteed when Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke to reporters on Monday and Manning came ready with a quip in response.During the interview, Beckham, who was sitting next to rapper Lil Wayne [url=]Color Rush Kareem Martin Jersey[/url] , said that he didn’t know if Manning was the problem with the team’s offense. Manning was asked for his response to that comment.Throughout his time with the Giants, Manning hasn’t been one to add verbal fuel to fires and often opts for humor instead. He stayed consistent in that regard.“I don’t watch Lil Wayne that much,” Manning said.Manning did say a bit more about Beckham, including that he feels their relationship is fine. He said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, he thought it was a good thing that Beckham spoke to the team on Saturday night so that players, especially those who may not know Beckham well [url=]Authentic Riley Dixon Jersey[/url] , didn’t have anything he said on their minds when taking the field on Sunday.Manning and the Giants were sluggish to start against the Panthers, but the offense closed well to get to 30 points for the first time in over two seasons. They’ll try to continue on that front against the Eagles on Thursday while leaving Lil Wayne and assorted other drama in the rearview mirror.
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