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In November 1931

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In November 1931, in order to catch up with Lin Huiyin��s speech on the ancient Chinese architecture in the Beijing Concord Small Hall on the evening of the 19th, Xu Zhimo could not wait to take a postal machine from Nanjing to Beijing. The plane was at 12:30 [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. In the vicinity of Jinan Dangjiazhuang, the mountain exploded, and he ended his short and prosperous life, at the age of 34! Xu Zhimo is because Lin Hui died, no one blames Lin Huiyin, but they are blaming his wife Lu Xiaoman! It was Lu Xiaoman who refused to leave Shanghai and went to Beijing with him, so that he often ran around in two places; it was Lu Xiaoman who could not maintain his extravagant life and rushed him back to Shanghai; it was Lu Xiaoman��s unreasonable trouble, which made him angry and ran away from Xu Zhimo��s understanding. Before Lin Huiyin was in Lu Xiaoman, it was in London between 1920 and 1921. Xu Zhimo was quickly defeated by the pomegranate skirt of this fresh and refined Lin family girl. Lin Huiyin was also attracted by his profound knowledge, elegant talk and handsome appearance [url=]Marlboro Red[/url]. The rational Lin Huiyin finally chose Liang Qichao's eldest son, Liang Sicheng. However, it is undeniable that Lin Huiyin��s achievements in literature and art cannot be separated from Xu Zhimo��s guide. When Xu Zhimo was disheartened by Lin Hui, he met Lu Xiaoman, who also had the same tears. Under the "coincidence" of Lu Xiaoman's husband Wang Hao, the lover slowly emerged from the water, and Wang Hao unintentionally accused Xiaoman of the fire line, which led to the "gong Delin" banquet. The mastermind Xu Zhimo played only one at the banquet. See you! In the end, Wang Hao let go of Xiaoman two months later. At this moment, she was pregnant, in order to throw into the arms of Xu Zhimo, taking advantage of the two men to get rid of the children, in order to be extremely concealed, and finally branded the bitter fruit of infertility, Lu Xiaoman entered the Xu family��s repeated opposition. Xu Family Courtyard, just in the heart of Xu Lao, he never recognized this divorced woman who was in their own eyes, extravagant and degraded, and even the opportunity to wear Xiao Xiao when Xu��s death was not given to her. When Shima knew Lin Huiyin, he was already the father of a two-year-old child [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], and her wife was Zhang Youyi, the father of his father who sought him! For Lin Huiyin, he still left his wife in Liujia, chose to divorce, even disregarded his wife's life and death, and resolutely let her knock out the child, knowing that it was life-threatening to kill the child at that time. After the second son Peter was born, Xu Zhimo still left without hesitation. The blow of divorce and the unfortunate death of the second son turned this timid traditional woman into an atmospheric Chinese woman. Even Xu Zhimo said in a letter to his friends: She is a woman with aspirations and courage... In the three women in Xu Zhimo��s life, what I admire most is not his ��Linjia girl��. It is his original wife, she is the pride of Chinese women. He is kind, family-friendly, atmospheric, tenacious, tender and strong, and the same "media-speaking words", she took up the responsibility, started a good wife and a good wife in Xu, when Lu Xiaoman wanted to enter Xujiamen, Xu I also want Xu Zhimo to ask her for advice. She agrees. And when Xu��s family can��t get used to Lu��s lifestyle and ��run away from home��, they are also going to Beijing to rely on their righteous daughter, Xu Zhimo. Ex-wife Zhang Youyi. However, among the three women, the person who loves him the most is her from marriage to divorce. Zhang Youyi may be a dumpling in the eyes of Xu Zhimo. After the divorce, Xu Zhimo slowly and slowly sleeps with this. "The soil buns" look at each other. Many times, the growth of a man is forced by life, and the growth of a woman is a man who is forced by the Xu Zhimo generation. After being with Lu Xiaoman, he is slowly forced by his life to shoulder the responsibility of a man. Efforts to earn money, but also efforts to save money, and Lu Xiaoman used to live a feast of life, do not eat the world's rice, oil and salt, shuttle in the various dances, sinking into the joy of opium, even in Weng Ruiwu to give him governance When I was sick, Luo Wei was half-solved, and my hand touched... For Lu Xiaoman��s talent, there is nothing wrong with it. But she is not flattering about her business and life style [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. People often say: good men can withstand temptation, good women can withstand loneliness. Lu Xiaoman is by no means a woman who can stand the loneliness! Wang Hao let Xu Zhimo drill a hole in his busy schedule, and Xu Zhimo did not know how to get in the car. He asked Weng Ruiwu to play his own emblem. He once said to his son: Xu Zhimo is not the real one [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], but the ideal Lin Huiyin. . Perhaps after Xu Zhimo's love for Lin Huiyin, he will still be fascinated by Lu Xiaoman, but Xu Zhimo can only be merciless to this legendary woman, "The turmoil of Xu Zhimo does not resist the feudal scorpion. Maybe he will be a good husband, good. Father, his life will eventually be envied by others; if Lu Xiaoman resists the current temptation, she may not sink, and be a happy and elegant woman under Wang Hao��s ��regulation��... but because of the inexplicable deviation In the direction, everything will change, and you will be right and wrong, you and I will be able to distinguish it!
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