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12/06/2019 a las 17:00:16 "> Nerotenze Testosterone Most importantly, you can embody these images yourself! Include fantasy, reach out stockings and other attributes and get used to a new image! To turn into the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, you will need to create a bright, catchy makeup . Stock up on black eyeliner, preferably liquid, eyeliner, mascara with the effect of volume and a black wig with a clear bang. It is very important to create an appropriate atmosphere. Pick up beautiful oriental music, light candles, incense, it would be nice to lay a soft carpet with a nap on the floor or just a blanket and put a pile of small pillows on it. Around your box of love you can arrange beautiful plates of fruit, oriental sweets. A good addition would be a hookah. The next dream of a man is a relaxed sexual stripper. Accessories for the realization of this bright image in life: shoes on the platform and stiletto, stockings with garters, beautiful frankly sexy lingerie, bright catchy makeup, beautifully laid hair, bright scarlet or pink nails . Very well, if you prepare in advance and learn some dance to your favorite song. Then prepare also outerwear consisting of a short skirt and some blouse or T-shirt to take off this set during the dance. The light in the room should be muffled, the music is romantic. Try making a private dance room out of the room in the house. Put a chair to a man, pour whiskey with ice and give a good cigar. This evening your man will not forget for very long! A good game image is a Playboy model. In order to please a man, you need to buy a headband with ears, elbow length gloves, a cute skirt or body, and attach a bunny tail to them. In many lingerie stores, ready-made kits with ears and tails are sold and they look just amazing. Be sure to buy tights or stockings in a net to match your bunny clothing. At the end of the image, of course, heeled shoes, a gorgeous hairstyle of curled locks, evening make-up are obligatory . Music background can take the melodies of the 80s or just your favorite music. Also the man will love the image of a nurse.
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