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games, at home against the Rav

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12/11/2019 a las 09:28:20
For those [url=]Josh Allen Jersey[/url] , like me, who rushed to get a DirecTV 4K receiver several years ago only to wonder when anything worth watching in 4K would be televised in that format, the answer has finally arrived.DirecTV has announced that 11 games will be broadcast in the vastly superior format, beginning with the Week Four contest between the Eagles and Packers.Other games that will be televised in 4K on Thursday nights are Week Five (Rams at Seahawks), Week Six (Giants at Patriots), Week Seven (Chiefs at Broncos), Week Eight (Washington at Vikings) [url=]Jawaan Taylor Jersey[/url] , Week Nine (49ers at Cardinals), Week 10 (Chargers at Raiders), Week 11 (Steelers at Browns), Week 12 (Colts at Texans), Week 14 (Cowboys at Bears), Week 15 (Jets at Ravens).The move comes at a time when DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T [url=]Josh Oliver Jersey[/url] , and the NFL have had a strained relationship, with NFL Network removed from DirecTV NOW and AT&T Uverse — and with the league holding the ability to dump the final two years of the weekly Sunday Ticket package. After the Chargers scored a late touchdown to pull within a point of the Chiefs on Thursday night, quarterback Philip Rivers assumed that his team would take the one point and head for overtime. As he headed to the sideline, however, he found out that the man who calls the shots had a different plan in mind.“Coach Lynn said, ‘Let’s go win it right now,'” Rivers told NFL Network after the 29-28 win.And so they did. Rivers said that receiver Mike Williams “caught a touchdown on very same play in first half [url=][/url ] ,” and that “[w]e dressed it up a little bit and threw it to him again.”And it worked. Williams was wide open, capping the 14-point comeback and adding a 15th to capture the victory and thrust the AFC West, and the top of the AFC playoff tree, into glorious disarray.The path is now clear. Win the final two games, at home against the Ravens and at Denver, and hope that the Chiefs lose one, at Seattle or at home vs. Oakland.Rivers was pragmatic when discussing the outcome on the NFLN set. He knows they may still end up being the fifth seed. But now [url=]Ryquell Armstead Jersey[/url] , thanks to an incredible comeback that won’t be fully appreciated until it’s fully digested, the Chargers are on the brink of forcing the road to Atlanta through L.A.Which means that the road to Atlanta in both conferences could end up going through L.A.
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