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f each other when you first

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19/09/2019 a las 08:36:29
The sky is blue and blue, there is no floating cloud, the book on the table is turned by the wind, creaking, the constant language of the cut, taking me through the millennium drunk and raining, laughing who is crazy, "looking back to the bleak, return Go, there is no wind and rain, no clear." Su Shi was smashed in Huangzhou, traveling with friends, when it came back, it rained, friends were deeply embarrassed, but Su Shi did not care. Read the details, Su Shi was shackled but not afraid of setbacks, only one detachment, indifferent. Many times, we have encountered difficulties and bumps, and we have lost hope for life. However, after many years, we look back and find out that this is nothing but a smile [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. When you are quiet and waterless, and you don't care about the gains and losses of things [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], you can realize the joy of "no storms or no sunshine." In Su Shi's "Ding Feng Bo", I realized a light and detached, written by Su Shi himself, and also written about his life. Let me know how to smile and live, let me realize another thing - "there is a lack of moon and clearness in the moon", and the building is far away, full of despair. "Ask you how many can you have, just like a river flowing eastward." As a king of a country, Li Wei is a failure; but as a noun, he has achieved great success. "The Beauty of the Beauty" is Li Zhi's masterpiece and his fate. When Li was a national monarch, he ignored the political affairs and killed the courtiers. At this time, he only revealed remorse and anger. The French writer Chase said: "The most beautiful poetry is the most desperate poetry, and some immortal chapters are pure tears [url=][/url ]." Li Wei��s deep feelings at this time are just like this "one river springs eastward", he is a poet. He left behind many poems that made people cry in the sky, but the fate made him a king... When he looked back, he once changed the world. "If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sorrow and draw the fan." Nalan Xingde, as the eldest son of the dynasty, was destined to be rich and wealthy. As a genius of poetry, he was indifferent to fame and fortune, and deeply disliked the vulgarity of the officialdom. Nalan��s words are fresh and straightforward. If life is just as good as first sight, why should there be suspicion, doubt and criticism in dealing with others? Just like a netizen who has never met before, the other person in the heart is wonderful. Just saying hello to each other is not a very good thing? Just like a dream, full of happiness, beautiful in the memory, just remember the smile of each other when you first saw it. I think that the gentleman's friendship is as light as the water. It is the meaning of the continuous Chinese language. After a thousand years of historical sky, it has landed and sprouted a green sprout.

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