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Disposable Protective Suit

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28/05/2020 a las 03:11:28
For establishing this dreamlike conveyance company, dreamlike science and technology equally passed to hunt a companies to invite a lot of captains and seaman, then from assistance Zhi the brain carry on examining to their background, the person who has a problem, would get the opportunity of getting into the dreamlike transporting.And they equally want to sign to keep secret agreement, ensure that any secret that they see can't leak.
After fantasy conveyance establishes, the task of its most is the way carrying that passes sea transportation in the world various supplies to fog in the concealed island.So for completing this task, six Ping pings purchased 80% of two 40,000 ton classes new liner and 12 second-hand cargo vessels of 50,000 ton classes in scope in the world and were the business foundations of dreamlike conveyance they, then carried on extension on the foundation of these boats and shipses.
Is same, while purchasing liner second-hand cargo vessel, dreamlike science and technology still make use of heavy the gold got two kinds of production crafts of shipses.But the production craft of these shipses at lend support to a further pushing of the Zhi brain and play under, become more of the integrity is still originallying possessed at the same time of production craft up got to promote further, make the small scaled production car have more advanced ships production ability.Just the ships universal body figure is also more big, can not produce with the small scaled production contents space between the cars they.
Be in the concealed island carry on rounding sea to land in fog before Yan flies, then reinforce a dike dam, wash and brush salt alkali, these actions have a liking for go to although is very big, in fact just fog concealed whole system in the island reformation engineering of square one.Come to see currently, this square one work has been already completed and connect down is the second step, is also send to constuct a worker to land fog a concealed island, carry on to the fog concealed island real of big construction and big development.
Under the arrangement of six Ping pings, the second step work has already prepared and planned about.All construction personnels have already gathered good enough, they arrive at evil city area and prepare to set out to go to a fog concealed island waters at any time.Another part, six Ping Ping various machine and supplies used for concealed infrastructure in the island of port construction and fog's constucting of the purchase are also all good enough, these machine and supplies also already be carried last belong to 12 cargo vessels of dreamlike conveyance up.
Is dreamlike science and technology buys for this period of time of the supplies is quite a few, if only depend on 12 the second-hand ships of 50,000 tons is not likely to deliver all of them to fog in the concealed island.However the conveyance of these supplieses flies to the Yan to say and then completely isn't problem, because of at secretly, he has already made use of the unmanned machine divides time with in general use space will these supplies the big part delivers to fog in the concealed island, and a simple warehouse that these supplieses conceal in fog to just build in the concealed island in, can take out to is the construction use of concealed fog island at any time.
Is whole on the earth, also only the Yan fly to just have ability like this to complete the rapid carrying that measures supplies in the sky like this and change an influence to handle these supplieses, who can not also attain to be like Yan to fly so fast, is the strongest nation in the world-the rice country don't go as well.
This place, Yan's flying has already worked well big four debarkation fog concealed island, and carry on the preparation work of construction to the fog concealed island.And in the another part, fly in the Yan of plan under, lend support to a Zhi brain beginning also on the network big four expansion from the black article, the purpose is to slander Yan to fly himself/herself.
In these articles, is the whole process that tallied up Yan to fly to purchase a fog concealed island completely first, and sneer at Yan to fly not to know goods, incredibly purchase such a desolate group of islands that will soon sink.Even for letting the international society admit that this group of islands belonged to himself/herself, the Yan flew to still do a lot of absurd funny affairs and was like a clown.
04/06/2020 a las 04:46:41
The data that flies to before compute according to the Yan, this 200 all-powerful quantity points can let the unmanned machine full speed fly 3600 kilometers or so.Although this distance can promise that the Yan flies to arrive to what Yang Qi left to sit to mark position,can not let the unmanned machine leave North American Continent after saving the person in the completion.
Yan's flying have been putting the attention to the network to ascend to search Yang Qi top in the information and waited until after discovering this circumstance, the energy of unmanned machine orders remain not much.But want to wait until unmanned machine next time a data to break a horary arrival, there is also very long period of time.With fog concealed island at 12:00 A.M. for basis, now is fog concealed island 5:00 A.M. time, data next time break to still need 19 hours.
The flight distance of unmanned machine appeared a great problem, but Yang Qi's affair 100,000 very urgent, must save.So after meeting this problem, the Yan flies to start considering the reasonable uses limited energy to order, just can ensure that oneself acts smooth completion this time so.
Hence the Yan flies to start lowering the airspeed of unmanned machine, while once the unmanned machine airspeed become slowly, the depletion ordering to the energy significantly lowers, can support unmanned machine's flying farer distance.Lend support to a Zhi brain to have already closed to get to the Internet function, the beginning is economical energy to order.As for the quantum radar opens and scans, the Yan flies to also become careful.Unless the circumstance is special, or is occurrence to fight, he would start quantum radar to carry on a scanning, otherwise he will have been closing quantum radar and avoid the rapid depletion that the energy orders.
Own super strong invisible ability in the unmanned machine so much, have no so easily drive the radar detection of rice country.Otherwise close to rice country to fly under the sistuation that didn't open quantum radar, early drive rice country the radar discovered.After, the more than a hour's Yan flies compare anticipate of night time arrive North American Continent for an hour, is already the rice country Los Angeles time at this time of noon 12:00.
The unmanned machine whole distance flies at 25000 meters high empty, even if don't start quantum radar, but the unmanned ability of machine"see" and"listen to" is also very violent, can far and far discover a patroling of rice soldier fighter jet, thus and far and far avert from them.But face the invisible ability of unmanned machine, the radar screen on the ground has already become to open eyes blind, don't discover that the overhead flew over a huge body figure unmanned machine at all.
The unmanned machine silently once has no flying of an interest downtown in Los Angeles, the Nevada of the east of the facing flies.After, the 20 minutes unmanned machine finally flew to arrive Luo radicle mountain range.Falling the radicle mountain range is a rice country California and the boundary of Nevada, is exactly this obstructing of huge mountain range, just make the weather of falling the radicle mountain range both sides present the differentiation of a day and ground.At fall the Nevada of radicle mountain range east dry, is all desert and Huang everywhere original;But is falling California of radicle mountain range west but is a with abundant resources, the weather is pleasant, the products is abundant.
The unmanned machine approaches Yang Qi's position after sitting the mark from the suspending in the 8000 meters high vacancy[one] white cloud, then passes the unmanned machine carries on "observation" to the falling of underneath radicle mountain range, discover that the roadside that fall radicle mountain range a few branch highways stops many soldier cars.Just these soldier car all use camouflage net, conceal oneself at surroundings of environment in.If isn't that the ability that the unmanned machine "see" is very violent, perhaps and basically can not discover these soldier cars.
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