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14/06/2019 a las 03:23:05
comments on the articles of the students. They are all encouraged. Even if they point out the problems, they are also drizzling, so I sincerely admire him, know the teaching method, the principle of human nature, the elderly learn to write, most of them are not much. Cultural foundation, lack of writing self-confidence, but has a strong desire to write, if not encouraged, the self-confidence that has just been established will be annihilated, thus interrupting the study of writing. Many students with poor cultural skills are actively encouraged by Duan teacher. They have improved their writing skills. Some people even entered the provincial association. I admire the broad mind of the teacher. After retirement, he completely You can go to Beijing and Ziyuan to enjoy your family. For the education of the elderly, he is still working hard in the writing class forum. In the case of uneven cultural level, it is very difficult to train some people with only the primary school education level to become effective people [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. Modifying an article is more bitter than writing. The so-called, rather than writing an article, is not willing to change an article. Writing articles can be freely based on your own hobbies. To change other people's articles, but to take care of other people's writing style, to understand other people's writing intentions, not how to change how to change with the temper, how hard it can be imagined. Mr. Duan actually had more than 20 years of experience. He did not pull down every article of the students and gave him the approval and respect of the students. After more than 20 years of hard work, I have gained the happiness of peach blossoms and plum blossoms. After the hardship, after the meeting, the students surrounded the teacher like a star. When he went there, the students followed. I couldn��t get in it a few times. From time to time, the teacher communicated with the students from time to time. I couldn��t help but feel my heart: an ordinary teacher, after retirement [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], can not reunite for a long time, but also can be so sought after by the students, without knowing his teaching performance, he can feel him. Great success. The so-called: the applause on the stage is not necessarily true. The word of mouth in the audience is the true price of the teacher. With his own professionalism and selfless dedication [url=][/url ], in exchange for the sincere admiration of the students, this is the reward that must be paid; The law of reward [url=]Newport 100S[/url]. I can't help but think of what the Buddha said: I don't go to hell, who goes to hell! That kind of fearlessness, without my dedication, won the offering and admiration of the world. Mr. Duan reflects the spirit of Buddhism in the cause of education. Naturally, it will be respected by the old students. The admiration of the new students is really: some people, although far away from you, will warm you and illuminate you, although he can��t always Appear in your life, but you often miss him because he will shine. This may be the teacher-student relationship between the teacher and the student. The teacher returned, returned to our side, returned to the hearts of the people present [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], or with his usual enthusiasm and enthusiasm, In the trainees, there was a warm current, a warmth of selflessness. It has spurred people's deep understanding of dedication! A teacher, after walking down the pulpit, is still so loved by the students, it is really worthy of life.

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