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Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market Restraint Analysis & Company Forecast by 2020

by rajsingh50901 · December 3, 2018

3 Dec 2018 – Global Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market is expected to reach USD 12.2 million by 2020. Egg phosphatidylcholine is extracted from egg lecithin using chemical or mechanical methods using hexane. Cell membrane is majorly composed of phosphatidycholine and moves from one cell membrane to another within a cell due to a protein called phosphatidylcholine transfer protein. It is majorly used in cosmetics industry, dietary supplements and healthcare industry. Rising old age population Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Tyquan Lewis Jersey , the demand for phosphatidycholine is projected to increase as it enhances the functioning of digestive system by improving the functionality of liver. Choline a key ingredient of egg phosphatidylcholine and is approved by Food and Drug administration of USA as daily dietary supplement owing to its numerous medical benefits such as brain development of fetus during pregnancy, atherosclerosis and neurological functioning. It also helps in enhancing solubility of pharmaceutical active ingredients thereby increasing their use in pharmaceutical industry.

Egg phosphatidycholine is heavily used in cosmetic industry as it possesses properties such as emulsification which makes it suitable to be used in topical creams. It aids in restricting cellular damage of skin structure and also provides smoothness and elasticity to the skin. Other properties such as low toxicity and high skin compatibility Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Kemoko Turay Jersey , egg phophatidycholine are used as a treasured raw material for the cosmetic industry. Moreover, with the increase in use of cosmetics the market for egg phosphatidycholine is projected to grow. However, with easy availability of less expensive substitutes such as mustard Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Braden Smith Jersey , soybean and sunflower from which phosphatidycholine can be extracted easily, is expected to hinder market growth. In addition, extraction from egg yolk is a complicated and expensive process which is further expected to restrict market growth.

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Application Insights

Some of the major applications of egg phosphatidycholine include pharmaceutical Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Darius Leonard Jersey , dietetic supplement, and cosmetics. It is used as a solubilized, moisturizer Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Quenton Nelson Jersey , and emulsifier for various ointments, used for maintenance and beautification of the skin. In addition, properties such as high stability against exposure to light and against oxygen Authentic" rel=nofollow>">Authentic Khari Willis Jersey , makes it suitable to be used in cosmetics. Egg phosphatidylcholine stabilized soybean oil emulsions also known as Intralipid. These are employed as lipase substrates. These are also used as human parentera. " title=""> > " title=""> > " title="Cheap Jerseys">Cheap Jerseys " title="Cheap Jerseys Online">Cheap Jerseys Online " title="Cheap Jerseys Wholesale">Cheap Jerseys Wholesale " title="Cheap Authentic Jerseys">Cheap Authentic Jerseys " title="Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping">Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping " title="Cheap NHL Jerseys From China">Cheap NHL Jerseys From China " title="Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys">Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys " title="Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys">Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys

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