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14/05/2019 a las 04:12:21
China's digital economy grew significantly higher than the overall economy, becoming a major engine of growth, said the paper.

CAICT expects China's digital economy to be valued at 32 trillion yuan and account for 35 percent of the whole GDP by 2020 Andreas" rel=nofollow>">Andreas Athanasiou Jersey , before taking up over half of the country's GDP by 2030, according to the white paper.

China has made a point of promoting digital economy as part of its measures to upgrade the economy, and the central and local governments had identified digital economy as "major development strategy."

At the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016, China put digital economy high on the agenda, making it part of the G20 Blueprint on Innovative Growth for the first time.

In March this year, Report on the Work of the Government called for more efforts to deepen the development of "Internet Plus" and accelerate the growth of digital economy. This is the first time that "digital economy" was referred to in such a report.

And the central government is to formulate and issue a strategic plan for promoting digital economy, according to the State Council executive meeting held on July 12.

Local governments had also geared up for digital economy Jonathan" rel=nofollow>">Jonathan Ericsson Jersey , with Guizhou, Jiangsu, and Anhui among others, having made provincial-level plans to make their economy more digitalized.

For example, southwestern Guizhou aims to make added value created by digital economy grow 20 percent annually and carve up at least 30 percent of the province's GDP by 2020.

Digital economy has become an area where China's economic transformation and industrial upgrading can achieve major breakthrough, said MIIT Minister Miao Wei in April.

Miao pointed to smart manufacturing, industrial Internet Darren" rel=nofollow>">Darren Helm Jersey , sharing economy, and the digitalization of traditional industries as areas that should be boosted.

The development of China's digital economy, however, is imbalanced, with the service sector adopting the digital economy more extensively than the primary and secondary industries, said Lu Chuncong, president of Communications Policy and Economics Research Institute Martin" rel=nofollow>">Martin Frk Jersey , CAICT.

Regulation of market access does not suit the development of digital economy, said Lu, calling for establishing a mechanism of negative list where all market players can enter digital economy on an equal footing.

HOHHOT, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first provincial-level autonomous region established in China, celebrated its 70th founding anniversary on Tuesday. Here are some basic facts about the region and regional ethnic autonomy in China.

Inner Mongolia is in north China and borders Mongolia and Russia. The region covers an area of 1.18 million sq km, or about 12 percent of the country's land area. It has a population of about 25 million Luke" rel=nofollow>">Luke Glendening Jersey , including 4.6 million Mongolians -- nearly one-fifth of the region's total population.

Over the past seven decades, the region's economy has expanded from 537 million yuan (80 million U.S. dollars) to 1.86 trillion yuan, ranking first among the country's five autonomous regions. Its GDP per capita also exceeded 74,000 yuan.

The region's foreign trade volume has increased from 30 million yuan to 77.3 billion yuan since China's reform and opening up. In recent years, the sharp increase in China-European freight trains traveling via Erenhot and Manzhouli ports have boosted China-Mongolia and China-Russian trade.

Inner Mongolia is rich in natural resources and its pillar industries include coal mining, iron and steel, livestock farming Henrik" rel=nofollow>">Henrik Zetterberg Jersey , and electric power.

As China's major coal-producing region, Inner Mongolia had an output of 850 million tonnes of coal last year, or a quarter of the country's total.

The region is also one of the major iron and steel production bases in China. One-third of the rail for high-speed trains in China is produced by Baotou Iron and Steel group.

The region is abundant in rare earth resources. The Bayan Obo rare earth mining area is the world's largest.

The region is China's biggest dairy product provider, producing 7.3 million tonnes of milk last year. It also has the largest output of mutton, fine wool and cashmere wool in the country.

Inner Mongolia is a major power supplier for China's west-to-east and north-to-south power transmission programs. It generated 395 billion kwh of power last year, simultaneously developing wind and solar power generation.

It is a major supplier of natural gas for China's west-to-east gas transmission program, and had a yield of nearly 30 billion cubic meters last year.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was established on May 1 Anthony" rel=nofollow>">Anthony Mantha Jersey , 1947, followed by the Xinjiang Uygur, Ningxia Hui, Guangxi Zhuang and Tibet autonomous regions.

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