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The Truth Behind HGH Supplements Health Articles | July 9 " href=""> > , 2012
Human growth hormone, otherwise referred to as HGH, is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that stimulates the increase in size, reproduction, regeneration, and development of cells in the human bod...

Human growth hormone " href=""> > , otherwise referred to as HGH, is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that stimulates the increase in size, reproduction, regeneration, and development of cells in the human body. Using recombinant DNA technology, it has been packaged into small bottles and sold as prescription drugs to treat growth disorders and growth hormone deficiencies. But in recent years " href=""> > , it has also been used to treat older patients to increase their vigour. And while legal, the efficacy and safety of HGH is yet to be proven in clinical trials, which explains why it isn聮t FDA approved still. And as such, many of its functions are still undiscovered, in spite of several experimentations.

In the United States, distribution of HGH is limited to certain pharmacies and prescription is only done by licensed medical practitioners who have had extensive study of the drug. See " href=""> > , prior to strict distribution measures, HGH were abused by cattle raisers who used the drug to enhance the growth of their livestock. It was also overused by many athletes as an anabolic agent as it is said to have some significant influence over building lean muscle mass, recovering from injury or losing weight at a quick rate. Now, although it isn聮t similar to steroids (which have established results and side effects), many of the world聮s regulating bodies on farming and sports frown upon its use because it doesn聮t secure growers and athletes a natural edge per se. Yes, it is a normal element in the body recreated within a laboratory. But since it is not something that is available and acceptable to all growers and competitors " href=""> > , using it to improve products and performance cannot be considered fair game. Besides, as emphasized earlier, there is a lot about HGH that is yet unknown. So there are high risks to incorporating it on a regular basis on food and the human body.

If you wish to get HGH treatments, don聮t just go straight to buying HGH supplements found online. You first have to consult with a physician and get expert advice on the matter. Who knows, you may have underlying conditions that contraindicate the use of these drugs like cancer. HGH may encourage the growth of these dysfunctional cells and enable it to overtake your body at a faster rate. And even if you know you are in great shape, it聮s probably not worth risking your life and well-being without proper medical supervision. Different people react uniquely to certain drugs. And what applies to one may not apply to you. Besides " href=""> > , it wouldn聮t be smart to jeopardize your freedom for illegal HGH prescriptions, now would it? You could face huge fines or imprisonment if found carrying, using or propagating illegally obtained HGH pills.

Once you聮ve gotten a green light for intake, see to it that you abide by your doctor聮s recommendations and buy supplements that have great reviews. It would also be worthwhile to pay attention to manufacturer information because this will give you clues as to the condition wherein the drugs were produced. It would be better if you can acquire European and American made HGH supplements so the risks of acquiring sub quality products are reduced. And depending on your main goal, whether it is to reduce weight or enhance your physical features, you should also be critical of other ingredients used in the drugs you are buying.
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