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Air Conditioner: Switch-off your air conditioner enough time before date of shifting. Remove coils so that it can dry and cool. Also remove its filters. You should tape loose parts and electrical chords with good quality tapes. Group all the fixtures in a strong plastic bag. You can use their original box with padding material or purchase an appropriate size of carton from market. Be careful in lifting and take special care of its coils.

Washing Machine: To pack your washing machine finish all the laundry works some days before relocation so that it becomes completely dry. Drain all the water from its tubs. If some water is rest you can inclined the machine in all direction one by one to drain it. Place some clothes to restrict inside movements of tubs and other loose parts. Use its original carton with good quality padding materials.

Clothes and Footwear: Group all your ironed clothes in suitcases so they need not to be ironed again at your new residence. You can pack daily life clothes in plastic bags. For stuffing of blankets " href=""> > , quilts and bed sheets medium size cardboard boxes are ideal. After packing also properly tape all the boxes. For footwear use their original boxes and group these boxes in an appropriate size of carton.

These are the useful tips for safe and sound packing of some important home belongings. If you are going to relocate, follow these tips to pack your possession as professionals. This will make transportation of goods safe to the great extent.

Thirteen out of top twenty institutions of higher learning are located in the United States, according to the latest U.S. News World’s Best Universities rankings. Unfortunately " href=""> > , the country that is home to more top colleges and universities than any other has fallen behind in higher education in recent years. Once the global leader, America doesn’t even crack the top ten when it comes to the percentage of citizens that have a college degree.

Only forty percent of adult Americans had completed their tertiary education at last count, which pales by comparison to the Our Neighbor to the North. With an incredible 56 percent of its adult citizens having earned at least a bachelor’s degree " href=""> > , Canada has the most educated population on the planet. But in U.S., no progress has been made in higher education in over four decades. We’re still stuck at the same 40 percent college graduation rate that we were in 1970.

What’s the problem?

About 80 percent of the college undergraduates in America attend state colleges or universities. These schools receive public money in order to keep their tuition costs low. But in recent years states across the nation have racked up larger and larger debts, forcing them to reduce that funding. The result has been perennial tuition hikes few students can afford.

To pay to for these increases " href=""> > , most college kids (over 70 percent) take out student loans that take them years, even decades to repay. In fact, about fifteen percent of college grads are still working off their debt at age 50! This has lead many high school graduate to wonder if higher education is really worth. Do they want to be saddled with over $27 " href=""> > ,000 of student loan debt (the national average) and stay out of the job market for four years?

An affordable alternative

In an effort to combat rising tuition cost, the College Board, the folks who developed the SAT and AP exams " href=""> > , introduced the College-Level Examination Program, CLEP for short. These tests are designed to measure a student’s mastery of college-level material with individual CLEP exams for subjects such as English Literature and American History. If a student performs well on a CLEP exam, heshe can earn credits for college " href=""> > , which means fewer classes and lower tuition costs.

Nearly universal acceptance

Although some students are not even aware of the program, CLEP exams have been around for over four decades now and are accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities across America. The credit-by-examination program gives test takers the opportunity to skip or at least limit the number of introductory or 101 classes they must take when they enroll in a college or university.

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