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19/09/2019 a las 08:36:53
There was a girl in a green robe waiting for her other half according to the promise of the year. In the past ten years, their faces were not what they were in the past. She sat on the gazebo on the riverside every day to communicate. They agreed to have correspondence every month, but they broke the news two years later. The girl was very anxious, but she still went to the river to wait for the return of the thousand sails. Will he forget his agreement with me because of the passage of time? But when we say good, no one can forget who. Maybe he is busy because of his studies, and he wrote to me innocently. He certainly hasn't forgotten me. It's just that the years are like a shuttle. He has forgotten my original appearance. He will never forget my green skirt. He once said that wearing this. The girl in the skirt is the most beautiful. It faded early, not as beautiful as it was at the time. I am just like this faded group of clothes, things are human. Or he knows a girl who is better than me than me. He is indulged in his love with the girl, and I turn into an old man who is unknown to anyone. He said that he will not change his mind. I don��t believe that he is not like this. The person, every one of his warmth is in my memory, it is spotless, he will not change, I firmly believe. If you can't meet each other, you should think about it. I think my other half should be like this. I should believe him. He is always alone. I should warm his heart. So every day she was counting letters, one, two, three... twenty-four letters were finished, she read the contents of the letter over and over again, and finally he found a small line, love you. Your handsome brother. I believe that he will not change. It turns out that he has me in his heart, and I have him in my heart. She was happy to tell her about this, and the mother sighed and said: "Stupid child Marlboro" rel=nofollow>">Marlboro Red, time will change everything, and I am waiting for him." I don't believe it, she said stubbornly. Finally, the dawn of ten years has arrived. She waited for him on the bank of the river. She finally saw him. She was happy to want to hug him. I wanted to ask him why he didn��t send a letter. He saw him coming out behind him. She just wanted to ask who she is, and her throat seems to be caught. That night, she stood in the bell of the house and blew the wind for the night Newport" rel=nofollow>">Newport Cigarettes. The next day she got the cold. The other half of her beloved saw her with a pretty woman. She turned her head and didn't want to see them. The handsome brother told her about his pretty little girl, she opened the knot, hugged his handsome brother, tears in his eyes, I thought you forgot to agree with you Carton" rel=nofollow>">Carton Of Cigarettes. Silly girl, I have only one of you in my heart since I was twelve years old. Since then, they have lived a simple and happy day. The girl continued to wear the green and green skirt that surprised the world, and the style was not reduced in the green robe, the flower girl, the ten-year acacia heart, the unchanging vow, hidden in the green skirt.
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