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Presente contínuo

Para realizar el ejercicio debes pulsar en el siguiente botón y para cada pregunta escribir la respuesta correspondiente según la tabla de debajo:

It _( rain) nowis rainning
They _ (wear) blue trousers for the dateare wearing
I _(study) Englisham studying
The Poles _(melt)are melting
He _(learn) to ride a bikeis learning
Why _(you/look) at me?are you looking
He _(do) his maths exercisesis doing
The eagle _(hunt) a rabbitis hunting
The Circus _(come) to townis coming
Your son _(grow) very fastis growing
That team _(win) the championshipis winning
Prices _(increase) every yearare increasing
You _(make) a lot of noiseare making
Our neighbours _(shout) all dayare shouting
We _(run) out of milkare running
The phone _(ring)is ringing
She _(learn) to play the pianois learning
You _(make) me angryare making
Bob _(wear) new glassesis wearing
I _(not/listen).Can you speak louder?am not listening
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