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Lookup older prices from past PoE Leagues Delirium

I don't generally like story in games since they regularly make games direct. The RPG i'd prefer to make would be for players who need to play a similar game again and again many occasions. I'd like if POE Currency would begin with the player previously running and discovering maps from start. The less things there are that go amiss from center interactivity the better. Story frequently makes numerous playthroughs monotonous. Doing missions you've just done ordinarily on past characters feels like a task. Getting mission awards rather when you arrive at a specific level would feel much better or there could just be a few things that are once in a while found, can be utilized once and go about as journey rewards. 
I think RPGs ought to likewise have decent variety, for instance MapleStory had hop missions which were essentially platformer levels however you got remunerated for finishing them. PoE has maze which I don't generally like yet it's acceptable in light of the fact that it offers the player another thing to do. Having a story and journeys could help around there however I have an inclination that it disrupts the general flow more. Possibly if journeys were executed better, for instance what PoE does with prophecies.Everything that I state ought to be taken as my sentiment and not a reality Any contention may assist individuals with structuring games better. In any event, talking about evident things can help acknowledge something significant. 

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