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English Vocabulary

Vocabulario de ingles

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had the same interestsBeached
difficult situation (por los pelos)Scrape
farm maintained for the poor by the countyCounty farm
American English adaptation of Low German kraanbere. (Picture in PPT) (arandano)Cranberry
distance a car has travelled / kilometres a car can travel with one full deposit (kilometraje, distaMileage
dizzy. Feeling as if everything is turning aroundGiddy
unpleasant (irritado)Cranky
full of hope, apiñes and good feelings (optimista)Up-beat
develop in a successful wayPan out
throw the dice for bettingRoll
getting 6 on both diceBox cars
short for veterinary surgeon or for veteranVet
think for a long time about things that make you sad (rumiar)Brood about
without hope (pesimista)Gloomy
to feel nervous and uncomfortableGet the creeps
North American tree whose seeds are covered with hairs that look like CottonCottonwood
unit of measurement. 3 feet, 91.4 cm.Yard
taxi (short for cabriolet)Cab
sit, fall heavily and suddenlySlump down
secretly look at someone, usually through a holePeep out
follow a person or an animal by looking for proofTrack
to say something suddenly in an angry waySnap
ou say it when you think there’s no chance that something is true or Will happenIn a pig’s eye!
in a bad conditionBeat-up
hold someone close to your body with your arms, embraceHug
Disagreeable physical effects that appear after a heavy consumption of alcohol or use of drugs. (ResHung over
To lose interest or enthusiasm in something. To doubt (dudar)Falter
To join (to the army)Hitch
A display of bad temper by feeling anger and fustration (rabieta)Tantrum
Having or showing a lively determination and lack of fear. (luchador, determinado)Feisty
Having or showing tenacity and stubborn persistence. (obstinado, tenaz)Dogged
To complain with a long cry (lloriquear)Whine
Etymology: perhaps by shortening & alteration from appear Look with difficulty or concentration atPeer
Alcoholic drinkBooze
To store (something) safely in a secret place (esconder, atesorar)Stash
Carried on secretlySneak
Ethymology: french, from old french, roundabout path taken by fleeing game, trickery from reuser . ARuse
To recover from an illness or diseaseCome through
To compete with someone in order to do or achieve something (competir)Vying
diminutive of pod-, pous foot a church bench. (banco de iglesia)Pew
Untidy or disordered clothesDishevelled
To argue about trivial matters (pelear, discutir)Bicker
An agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.Truce
A tiny piece of a substance or a small particle.Mote
To take suddenly and unexpectedly. (agarrar, pillar)Catch out
A principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy. (principioTenet
Bend one's head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner. For example, when you are sCringe
To tremble for distress (estremecerse)Wince
To attackGet at
To conclude or finish somethingWind up
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